Hi I’m Paul Drecksler and this is my first episode of the Ideas Focused Podcast to introduce myself and the show. The Ideas Focused Podcast is a place to talk about ideas – your ideas, my ideas, and other ideas. Mostly about business and sometimes about life. I called my buddy Jared Paul over at Capable Wealth to hear his thoughts about my concept for the podcast and bounce a few ideas back and forth. We also spoke about podcasting best practices and how I can make this a great unscripted show. And at the end, we shared about our themes for 2020. 

If you’d like to be on the show to discuss your ideas, tweet me at @ideasfocused or e-mail paul@ideasfocused.com. 

All episodes can be found here: https://ideasfocused.com/podcast

Daily episodes begin in 2020.