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Paul is an absolute legend. Although we’ve never met, he has helped our business significantly and took the time to really listen to our needs and offer great advice. I would highly recommend him for any affiliate, online business or e-commerce solutions. Thanks again!
James Looker

magic of i

Just one conversation with Paul is valuable and will change how you view your business. I say with absolute certainty: working with Ideas Focused will help you meet your goals quicker and more efficiently. Paul Drecksler is one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent, strategic, thoughtful and business-minded SEO / UTM / eCommerce / affiliation consultants that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I had worked with previous SEO consultants in the past and thought I knew SEO… but after one meeting with Paul, I was FLOORED at how much he knew. Paul’s knowledge in this space is beyond anyone you will ever meet. I cannot wait to work with him again in any capacity!
Alice Ko

Pivot Six

I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul for nearly 15 years. Two years ago I started my own solo practice law firm in Florida. Desperate to get some sort of web presence, I succumbed to the overwhelming spam emails I was getting and overpaid to have someone build an incredibly useless website for my firm. After that website was in place for a year, I realized that I had no search engine presence and was sick of the continuous issues with hosting the initial company I hired was giving me. Knowing Paul was in the field, I reached out to him and asked him to take a look at my business and advise how we could help get me on track to reach my goals. After taking the initiative to do a deep dive into my business and my current website, Paul sent me 10+ ideas of where we should start, always focusing on making sure I was telling him what I was looking for between each step to ensure that the end product came out looking and working like I wanted. Over the course of a few months, Paul built the website, wrote the draft copy, set up the hosting, wrote the Google Ads, set up the tracking, and set up the Live Chat. At each step of the process, Paul would send me updates and keep in constant touch. Even now, when I get a new review on google, I email Paul and the new review is on my website in minutes. If you’re looking to grow businesses’ online presence, you could not do better than Paul to help you get started. The name of his company is incredibly accurate. He is ideas focused. 10/10.
Howard Myones

Myones Legal, PLLC

I had a consultation and evaluation of the current status of our tour business. Paul knows what he is talking about and quickly pointed out in an easy to understand way what needs to be done in order to improve our customers experience and where we need to make changes in order to increase leads. He was prepared, listened closely and and asked the right questions, so he would understand my point of view. I am sure it was not the last time I am using his services. I would recommend Ideas Focused to everyone who wants to get a professional opinion on his online business. Thank you for your help!
Kay Honig

Kay Tours

Paul is an incredible resource in the e-commerce market. He carefully examined my business and provided a highly tailored recommendation that fit my business needs and budget perfectly. Highly recommended!
Jason Bowdach


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