Video Website Reviews by Paul Drecksler

Hello, I’m Paul Drecksler and I’d like to create a screen capture video that shows you why your website isn’t bringing you in as many leads or sales as you’d like it to. Here’s why I want to do this: You see your website every day. You know your business inside and out. That makes it impossible to look at things objectively from your customer’s point of view. You see your business for its full glory based on what you know. Your customers, on the other hand, form a first impression based only on what they see.

This disconnect between your website and your customers results in a lack of leads and sales, which costs you income.

How do you know what you can’t see?

Unfortunately it’s impossible to know what you can’t see! Until we develop virtual telepathy and can literally “get into the mind of our customers”, our best option is to seek constructive outside feedback like that which I’m offering through these videos. I aim to help you answer questions such as:

  • Do my customers understand what I’m offering?
  • Is it easy to find the information customers are looking for?
  • Why are my visitors not buying?
  • Why does my website not generate enough calls or e-mail inquiries?
  • Why are there so few sign-ups to my e-mail list or newsletter?
  • Why is no-one finding my website?
  • How is my website design?
  • Does my website make sense?
  • What could I be doing better that I haven’t thought of?

If you build it, they won’t come anymore!

When I started building websites 18 years ago, there was a LOT less competition online. Back then, if you had a website, people would spend time viewing it because frankly, there wasn’t much else to do online. A lot has changed since the 1990’s. Now there are more WEBPAGES on the Internet than PEOPLE in the world! That’s a LOT of information competing for your customer’s attention. Not to mention, our online attention spans are much shorter now.

That’s not a lot of time to make a first impression! That is why it’s so important to create instant rapport with your customers and an immediate positive first impression. Your customers MUST know the instant they arrive at your website that you offer the solution they are searching for. Doing so can mean the difference between hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars to your business, depending on your website’s traffic.

‍Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Paul DreckslerMy name is Paul Drecksler and since 1999, I’ve helped business owners like you develop a powerful online presence and a 21st century entrepreneurial mindset.

I’ve built hundreds of websites for small to mid-sized businesses, working directly with the business owners to create online marketing plans that focus on the company’s bottom line. I’ve developed a strong and strategic approach to website development, design, copywriting, and online marketing.

I’m ready to help you create a profitable online presence, starting with the first impression your customers make when visiting your website.

🎞 Video Website Reviews

These videos are designed to give you an insight into your website and online presence that will help you bridge the gap between what your customers actually see and what you want them to know. Additionally, it’ll provide some insight as to why they may not be finding you to begin with!

With a Video Website Review, I view your website from a fresh outside perspective to provide you with a new visitor’s point of view and then a website developers professional opinion. My review of your website will give you the insight you need to fix any possible disconnect between you and your customers.

How Much Do The Videos Cost?

The videos are FREE if you allow me to post them on my website for others to view and learn from. At this time, I do not offer a private version of these video reviews, but I may do so in the future for a fee if there is a demand for it.

Why Do I Offer These Video Website Reviews?

These Video Website Reviews are a loss leader for me, which means I put more time and energy into creating them than I earn in revenue. But I do them for three reasons:

♥ This is one of my favorite parts of working with business owners. – The initial discovery where their eyes light up because for the first time they’re being explained exactly what they’ve been doing wrong and what they could be doing better in plain English.

☻ A portion of business owners become clients. – After watching their video and seeing what’s possible with their websites, some customers choose to hire me for services such as website development, search engine optimization, and online marketing – although please know that there’s no obligation to do so if you request a video.

♫ Over delivering value to people spreads good will. – I’ve been referred to other business owners as a result of my initial consultations with people who didn’t necessarily become clients themselves, but loved what I had to say and had confidence in my services enough to refer their friends.

What Are People Saying About Working Together?

Of the people who did become clients, here’s what a few of them had to say about working with me. You can also read more client testimonials here.

We found Paul through his helpful presence in social media, and approached him for a simple website redesign. His process dove into what we do as a company much more than we'd expected, and we quickly came to appreciate his big-picture approach to marketing our product through that website and beyond. He's thoroughly communicative and always eager to take the next step, to work on building what we already have into something better. He conducts his business as a partner on your team, not just a service he's providing, and brings a welcome enthusiasm to everything we do.

Dennis Paplinski

Valley Copiers

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul. He was extremely responsive; knew his business; was creative in his solutions; and achieved the results we were looking for. I especially appreciated his attentiveness in learning and crafting our strategic objectives before the tactical steps were even explored. That approach gave us an efficient and targeted result.

Mike Fuss

Pet Angel World Services

I had a consulting session recently with Paul regarding my new startup in Nicaragua. His fresh perspective and outside point of view gave me great insight for things I need to work on. He helped me focus on my main priorities and my process. I have been integrating his recommendations into my work and it has increased my motivation. I definitely recommend him for business consulting. He is very smart, takes the time to think about things, and has a great way of articulating his advice to you. Thank you Paul!

Rosario Belli

Big Picture S.A.

I found Paul online several years ago by chance. I stumbled upon his adventures blog and decided to contact him. My husband and I needed to make updates to our business website and we took a chance on Paul and we've been working with him ever since. Paul is extremely professional and thorough. He provides suggestions, a timeline, and updates on what he is working on. He is quick to respond to emails as well as last minute requests. At first, we were nervous about hiring someone online, but we can honestly now say that we feel at ease with Paul and we look forward to meeting him in person some day!

Keli Hernandez Eustace

This Is It Entertainment

Paul was referred to DC Autocraft earlier this year as the decision was made to rethink and re-vamp our company website. Paul was introduced to us simply as “a guy who knows what he is doing” when it comes to building a website. Since we are in the auto industry, not the web or IT world, we thought that this means he is capable of building a really good, fancy and classy website. Within our first hour speaking to Paul, it was obvious that his capabilities, imagination and thought process far exceeded a good fancy & classy website…as a company, we became excited about our online possibilities for the first time.
We spent our time with Paul discussing the normal objectives, design, targeted clientele, etc, And that’s what we expected…but it was just the beginning. Where Paul really stood out from others is his genuine interest in the business, the business process, and what tangible deliverables are that make us a better company. Once Paul understood what we do, how we do it and why we do it he was able to promptly deliver a beautiful and structured marketing tool that has helped our online presence tremendously.

Rick Nordeen

DC Autocraft

"It can't be done!" That was what my whole technology team was telling me. A friend suggested that I call Paul. It was done before I went to sleep that night. Paul was a solutions guy. I love that. I will be reaching out to Paul to collaborate on projects in the future. He was polite, supportive and has a can-do attitude. The kind of people I like to surround myself with.

Lisa Wilson

The Raw Food Institute

Thank you for the coaching session, helping me reconnect with my purpose and mission. Your collaborative, resourceful, authentically-cheerleading perspective helped me shed 1) a sense of overwhelm, 2) the sense of identity entangled with my day job. I adore your examples of other businesses that are simple and yet functional, your suggestions of free resources, and encouraging me to start with a small, tangible blog that can evolve. I admire your intuition and your personable nature. I look forward to reconnecting in the near future, as our careers and adventures evolve.

Jenny Chambers

Systems Jennifer

So What Are You Waiting For?

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